Our most popular look for summer, the Summer Smiles line features gorgeous seasonal mixed floral in shades of yellow, pink, orange, coral, and red.  Each arrangement is unique, exact blooms will vary.  If you have a special look in mind, please let us know in the check out comments. 

Summer Sunshine

  • Fresh flowers are delicate, and yes they die!  But here is how to extend your arrangement's vase life.  Please refresh/flush the water in vase arrangements daily, and add water to arrangements designed in green foam every other day.  Changing or adding water is the #1 way to extend your flower life.  Keep away from direct light/heat coming from windows, and drafts coming from central air or space heaters.  Your flowers should look beautiful and perfect for 2-3 days, after which you will notice some aging-this is normal.  Pick off any imperfect petals or blooms, and remove flowers as they expire.