FAQ: Commonly Asked Questions Answered!

Where is Eden’s Echo located?

We are located at 2450 Roosevelt Avenue, in the C7 Gallery, San Antonio, Texas 78210 We serve San Antonio and the surrounding area, including the hill country. This includes is not limited to the following zip codes: 78232, 78249, 78233, 78209, 78250


How much should wedding flowers cost?

The cost is as unique as your wedding. Some websites recommend a percentage of 10-12% of your wedding budget, but honestly that’s just not realistic… it’s either too little or too much. Ultimately it depends on your event’s needs, event size, guest count, and the type of flowers you want. Do you want a grand arch entrance, a floral dance floor chandelier or are simply you looking to make the tables, ceremony area and bouquets as gorgeous as possible according to your vision?


How to save money on wedding flowers?

Be flexible. The best way to save money on flowers is to listen to your floral designer's recommendations on how to save money. Big-ticket items such as arches and tall centerpieces will eat up a budget quickly.  If your budget is on the smaller side, you may want to forego the big installations and concentrate on simple designs. Be open to using affordable blooms such as hydrangea and roses and avoiding luxury blooms such as peonies and orchids.  Repurpose your bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces-spending a little more money on these to make them fuller so they can look fabulous as a guest table centerpiece will really help stretch a budget.  The more variety of blooms in a wedding, the higher the price tag, so if you love a lot of texture with different colors and flowers, expect a higher quote than if you prefer a simple color palette and styling


How much does a wedding bouquet of flowers cost?

A typical bridal bouquet will typically cost 225-300 and bridesmaid bouquets around 75-150 depending on your bloom choices and size of the bouquet. Caveat - the price of a bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets can be much less or much more expensive, depending on your taste. These are averages we have observed over the years.


How to preserve wedding flowers?

There are various types of floral preservation out there, ranging from DIY drying in silica gel or kitty litter, or pressing a few select blooms in a book-or you can hire this out to a professional company.  If you choose to go with a professional bouquet preservation company, be sure to research ahead of time and book your spot early.  The equipment for freeze drying bouquets is expensive and they can only process so many bouquets at a time, so availability is limited.  


We often get asked: What is the average cost of flowers for a wedding and How much are wedding flowers?

With every wedding being unique, it’s a difficult question to answer.  Wedding flowers cost what you can afford and are comfortable spending.  Sometimes that means going a different route and DIYing.  Eden’s Echo is a luxury wedding floral studio.  Our average wedding customers who do a mix of expensive with affordable blooms and stylings can expect to spend:

$2-4000 for smaller, more intimate weddings for 50-100 guests

$5-8000 for average weddings of 150 guests or so

$8000+ for larger events and those who have luxury taste


Who pays for the wedding flowers?

There is no set answer to this.  These days the majority of weddings are funded by the couple.  Traditionally, etiquette says the bride’s family would pay for the flowers, with the groom paying only for the bridal bouquet, corsages for mothers and grandmothers, and boutonnieres for the gentlemen.


What are common fall wedding flowers?

Antique hydrangeas, roses, various mums, fall leaves, sunflowers and berries, in shades of gold, red, burgundy, and orange, sometimes with a little cream and purple mixed in, are popular for fall.


What are common winter wedding flowers?

White flowers are the most popular for winter, mixed sometimes with pops of red around the holidays.  Evergreens and bare branches are popular, as well as fun touches like glitter or bling.  Hydrangea, roses, babies breath, garden roses, and anemones are among the favorites for winter weddings.   


What are common spring wedding flowers?

Spring is the most abundant time for flowers, that’s when ranunculus, tulips, and most flowers are in full bloom.  Peonies start coming back in March and last through June.  Usually color palettes will lean toward soft pastel shades of pink and peach, or lavender and blue, or a mix!


What are common summer wedding flowers?

In summer we get a lot of jewel toned and wildflower requests, color everywhere.  Roses, garden roses, delphinium, anemone, ranunculus, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, and Alaskan peonies are popular.


Who gets flowers at a wedding?

Anyone who is walking down the aisle should get a bouquet, boutonniere or corsage, or getting up during the ceremony to visit the front for a reading or to participate in the ceremony in some way.  Some moms prefer not to wear a corsage on the wrist or their dress, so they will carry a small bouquet or single flower stem-or nothing at all!  Be sure to ask your moms what they prefer!